The Fix-on-6® Denture Solution: Answering Your Questions

Fix-on-Six® in Tampa, FL | Mini Implant Dentures | Dr. Cabrera

As we have developed, humans have explored diverse solutions for replacing missing teeth. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since some of the more barbaric practices we used to employ. From using animal teeth and even grave robbing to acquire materials to having professions such as barbers, jewelers, and blacksmiths offer tooth removal services, we’ve certainly tried some interesting ways to replace missing teeth. Thankfully, the Fix-on-Six® system offers a modern approach to replacing teeth that focuses on stability, durability, and functionality.

Understanding Fix-on-Six®

Fix-on-Six® in Tampa, FL | Mini Implant Dentures | Dr. CabreraFix-on-Six® is a semi-removable implant denture solution that uses 6-10 mini implants to secure a roundhouse zirconia bridge to your upper or lower jaw.

Breaking down the details even further, we can see the many benefits offered by this tooth replacement solution. Below, we have answered some of our patients’ most common questions about the Fix-on-Six® system.

How Many Implants Are Used?

Even though it’s called Fix-on-Six® or All-on-6, the exact number of mini dental implants needed is determined by your unique bone volume and quality. Still, regardless of how many are used, this process is an upgrade to the older All-on-4® system, which uses four large traditional dental implants to support the bridge. Despite being larger, traditional implants aren’t necessarily more reliable. Because there are only four support points, the entire system is more likely to collapse if one fails.

You Said, “Bridge.” Can Fix-on-Six® Replace All My Teeth?

Despite being labeled as a “bridge,” which usually refers to a prosthetic that replaces one to three teeth, Fix-on-Six® replaces an entire upper or lower set of teeth. The “roundhouse bridge” spans the entire arch. This gives your smile a uniform, seamless look and offers a high level of stability thanks to the mini implants.

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Can You Explain These Mini Implants You Keep Mentioning?

Mini dental implants are a smaller, sleeker version of the traditional dental implants that the All-on-4® system uses. These tiny titanium rods are less than half the size of their predecessors, so they can be used on patients who may have already lost jawbone density. One of the standout benefits of mini implants is their incredibly quick timeline. Unlike traditional implants, which require multiple stages and months of healing, mini implants can typically be placed in a single visit, and the Fix-on-Six® bridge can be mounted immediately. Thanks to the minimally invasive procedure, recovery is a snap, with most patients feeling back to normal within a few days. Overall, mini implants are a step forward from their traditional implant counterparts.

What Does Semi-Removable Mean?

Traditional dentures must be removed every night for cleaning, which makes them vulnerable to damage and loss and increases wear and tear. Semi-removable roundhouse bridges like Fix-on-Six® are more securely attached to the mini implants in your jaw. The prosthetic is only removed at your regular check-ups, where Dr. Cabrera will professionally clean the appliance and implants. This means you’ll enjoy the stability of a fixed denture without having to perform special cleaning measures.

What Is Zirconia? Is It Like the Synthetic Diamond?

Actually, it is! Zirconia is the most durable tooth replacement material available on the market today. It is ten times stronger than your natural tooth enamel and gives Fix-on-Six® impressive chewing power and durability. Dental zirconia is similar in chemical makeup to the stuff used in synthetic diamonds, and the fact that the opacity—or level at which it lets light shine through—can be controlled gives it a much closer resemblance to your natural teeth than other materials.

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How Much Does Fix-on-Six® Cost?

Because the mini implant process is so much more streamlined, it requires fewer visits to the dentist. This is one factor that makes the procedure more affordable. Still, we understand that the financial aspect of treatment is important to our patients. If understanding your dental insurance is stressful, our team will guide you, ensuring you receive the benefits you deserve. For those who need additional financing, we partner with multiple lending companies so that you get the best rates. Through these lenders, you can select a monthly payment plan that works for you.

Discover the Fix-on-Six® Difference Today

Across Tampa and beyond, mini dental implants are helping to restore smiles and change lives. Mini implant dentures like the Fix-on-Six® system offer a durable, reliable, and stable way to replace your missing teeth.

You can take the first step towards transforming your smile by calling Tampa Bay Mini Dental Implant Solutions to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cabrera. She will show you how this life-changing procedure can restore your mouth’s function, bring back your smile, and enhance your self-confidence!

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