Affordable Dental Implants: Mini Size, Maximum Value

Affordable Dental Implants in Tampa, FL | Teeth in a Day

When we encounter big problems in life, we often require big solutions. If something large needs to be built or moved, we call in heavy machinery to do the lifting. Should a solution require deep pockets to solve, we break out the checkbook or look for a lending partner to help shoulder the cost. If a problem is emotional or spiritual in nature, it may require a considerable amount of time for healing. Missing teeth can be a big problem as well. In fact, missing teeth are statistically linked with health issues like higher BMI, diabetes, and heart problems, among others. Fortunately, there’s a solution that provides a big impact but is small in size, cost-effective, and can often be completed in a single day. Affordable dental implants like these are possible, thanks to the innovation of mini dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Affordable Dental Implants in Tampa, FL | Teeth in a DayDental implants are an important tool in our tooth replacement toolbox. They are designed to act as a base for a dental prosthetic, such as dental crowns, bridges, or implant dentures. Implants offer more stability than alternatives like traditional dentures or bridges, and they also help keep your jawbone healthier by replacing the missing tooth roots.

The process for placing traditional dental implants involves screwing a titanium post into the jawbone, waiting for the bone to heal, and connecting the implants to the prosthetic teeth using a separate piece called an abutment. While traditional implants have been successful for some patients, there are challenges associated with the size of the implants and the procedure timeline.

The Drawbacks of Traditional Dental Implants

While traditional dental implants do offer a solution to big problems, they take up significant space in the jawbone. For those with narrow jawbones or those who have suffered from bone loss, large implants like these are not feasible. Traditional implants also come with long procedure timelines. After the implant is inserted, the 5-millimeter-wide metal screw needs time to fuse with your jawbone, usually taking 3-6 months. Once the implant is deemed stable, the prosthetic can be attached. And, if a bone graft is necessary first, the procedure will take even longer. Multiple visits to the dentist’s office are required, and the cost increases with each additional trip.

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Mini Dental Implants Offer Cost-Effective Solutions

Mini dental implants represent the next step in tooth restoration, providing solutions to challenges seen in traditional implants, all in a smaller, more affordable package. Their name comes from their slim profile, which measures less than half the thickness of conventional implants. Their narrow width, similar to a toothpick, allows Dr. Cabrera to place them in tight spaces. This makes mini implants especially beneficial for patients with reduced jawbone density.

But their smaller size doesn’t mean they are less stable. Mini dental implants have a single-piece titanium design, which makes them more convenient than a two-piece design and less vulnerable to bacteria accumulation. Dr. Cabrera can also place more of them to increase stability. Since they can be placed closer together, mini implants offer more protection should something go wrong. Think of it like this: if just 4 support beams are holding up a roof, it’s more vulnerable to accidental damage than a roof being held up by 6 beams—mini implants, namely mini implant dentures, offer that added security and peace of mind.

One-Day Procedure

One of the biggest advantages mini implants have over their predecessors is how long it takes to place them from beginning to end. While traditional implants take months, mini implants often only need one visit to place and crown. Recovery is a snap, too. Thanks to their minimally invasive placement, most patients can return to their normal activities within 24-48 hours.

Mini Size, Maximum Value

With most commercial products, an upgraded solution that is smaller and also packs in more benefits is almost always more expensive. The fancy sportscar is pricier than the modest sedan. The sleek new smartphone is faster than last year’s version but also costs more. Mini implants buck that trend—the savings are passed on to you thanks to the design of the implant and the treatment timeline. Because the process is so efficient and requires fewer visits, mini implants are often half the price of traditional implants. It’s a win-win situation for your teeth and your pocketbook.

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Aftercare: Keeping Your Smile Bright

Once your mini dental implants are in place, a bit of conscientious care ensures they last. Proper oral hygiene, like daily brushing and flossing, is essential. Regular checkups with Dr. Cabrera will also help make sure that everything is functioning properly. At these visits, she can also address any developing oral health issues before they become larger problems.

Financing Your Path to a Better Smile

At Tampa Bay Mini Dental Implant Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves access to affordable dental implants. Our dedicated team will help you navigate the confusing world of dental insurance and will work with you to maximize your benefits. However, we understand that not everyone has insurance coverage. In 2018, only 53% of adults in Florida had dental insurance. For those looking for financing options, we partner with multiple financing companies to secure competitive rates for your benefit. With these options, you can select a payment plan that works within your monthly budget.

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Say goodbye to the days of hesitating to smile or fearing the next bite—affordable dental implants are now within reach. With their care and expertise, Dr. Cabrera and the team at Tampa Bay Mini Dental Implant Solutions are ready to guide you through the mini implant process from start to finish.

It’s time to embrace a future where your smile is as vibrant as you are. Reach out today, schedule a free consultation, and take the first step on the journey to restore your smile.

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