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Restorative Dental Services in Tampa, FL | Dr. Luz Cabrera

Have you ever put off scheduling an appointment with a doctor or dentist? Maybe you were too busy, or the timing wasn’t going to work. Or, perhaps you thought, “It’s not that bad yet.” If so, you’re not alone—at least 20% of all adults over age 20 have untreated dental caries. If left to their own devices, these caries can develop into problems like cavities, gum disease, tooth decay, or worse, all of which will require restorative dentistry. Restorative dental services focus on repairing or replacing damaged teeth. It’s about bringing back the function of your teeth, smile, and overall oral health. Restorative dentistry proactively tackles dental dilemmas to prevent more severe complications in the future.

When Do You Need Restorative Dental Services?

Restorative Dental Services in Tampa, FL | Dr. Luz CabreraIgnoring lingering dental problems can lead to discomfort, sensitivity, and even tooth loss. Restorative dental services become necessary when tooth decay, infection, damage, or loss occurs. It’s always better to be proactive with your dental health than wait until something more serious happens.

Examples of Restorative Dental Services

Restorative dentistry covers several different procedures, from simple fixes to comprehensive restorations. Its primary goal is to save or restore your original tooth, not replace it. Common services include:


Dental fillings are used to repair and restore damaged or decaying teeth. They are used when “filling” the hole left behind by a cavity once Dr. Cabrera cleans the area. They can be made from different materials, including gold, silver, porcelain, and tooth-colored composite.

Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth infection goes untreated for too long, it can eventually burrow deep enough to require a root canal treatment. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a torturous procedure. Thanks to modern dental techniques and technology, a root canal is relatively painless. Once the tooth roots are cleaned and disinfected, a filling and a crown are applied to seal the tooth, restore its functionality, and protect it from further infection.

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Dental Crown

A dental crown is a protective covering cemented to the tooth, restoring its appearance and functionality. To prepare the tooth for crowning, some enamel must be shaved off the tooth in a painless procedure. This will give the crown a secure, seamless connection with the natural tooth. In addition to the traditional method, a crown can also be attached to dental implants or mini dental implants. This option is better for completely replacing a missing tooth and offers more stability and functionality.

Dental Bridge

The role of a dental bridge is similar to a crown—to replace a missing tooth or small row of teeth. However, there are multiple types of bridges depending on your particular situation. A traditional bridge uses two crowns to support the artificial teeth by attaching them to healthy teeth on either side of the gap. However, an implant-supported bridge uses dental implants to support the restoration from below rather than above. At your consultation, Dr. Cabrera can walk you through your options to determine which type of bridge might be right for you.


Dentures are the way to go if you need to replace all your teeth. Traditional dentures have been a time-tested solution for mass tooth replacement and come in partial and full options, depending on how many teeth need replacement. You can use full dentures to replace all the teeth on either top or bottom, and they will help restore your smile and some of your bite power. While dentures have been a viable option for many, they have drawbacks. They can lose their fit over time, moving around in your mouth, causing sore gums and potentially embarrassing moments. Since they are removable, there’s always the danger of loss or damage.

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Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are the next evolution of traditional dentures. We’ll attach these artificial teeth to dental implants for extra stability rather than relying on their connection to your gumline. Dental implants are titanium screws placed directly into the jawbone, providing a sturdy base to attach artificial teeth. They provide much more stability and functionality to your artificial teeth than traditional dentures do, and they come in removable, semi-removable, and non-removable options, giving you the choice of how stable you want them to be.

Part of the reason implant dentures have leapfrogged conventional dentures in terms of reliability is their use of mini dental implants.

Mini Dental Implants: The Secret to Success

Mini dental implants are a standout choice in restorative dental services. They come with numerous advantages over traditional implants. They’re smaller but just as durable, easier to place, and quicker to recover from, which makes them more affordable thanks to this streamlined process. Mini implants are versatile, too—they’re perfect for replacing single teeth with a crown or supporting larger prosthetics like bridges and dentures. They can also be an option for patients with reduced jawbone density who may not be eligible for the larger traditional implants.

If you’re interested in learning more about mini implants, schedule a free implant consultation with Dr. Cabrera to discuss the best options available to restore your oral health.

The Costs of Restorative Dental Services

The cost of each procedure will vary depending on its complexity. Tampa Bay Mini Dental Implant Solutions is committed to making restorative dental services accessible and affordable. Our experienced team will start by helping you navigate your insurance to get the most from your coverage. We also offer financing options from multiple lending partners to ensure we can find a way for your treatment to fit your budget.

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