Root Canal Treatment Provides Relief From Pain

Root Canal in Tampa, FL | Endodontics | Dr. Cabrera

Have you ever used the term “root canal” as a shorthand way to describe something bad? Saying to someone, “I’d rather get a root canal…” is a way to suggest you’d rather be doing anything else. That’s because root canals have the unfortunate reputation of being a difficult, time-consuming, and painful process. However, root canal treatments have existed for centuries, and that outdated stereotype no longer reflects modern dentistry. With today’s advanced technology and dental techniques, root canals are a straightforward, manageable procedure that relieves the constant pain of an infected tooth with minimal discomfort.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root Canal in Tampa, FL | Endodontics | Dr. CabreraRoot canal treatment, more commonly called a root canal, removes infected pulp from the canals inside the tooth. Cleaning out this pulp prevents the spread of infection and provides immediate pain relief. While alleviating pain is an important part of the process, the long-term objective of a root canal is to save and preserve the infected tooth. If the tooth is beyond saving, it must be extracted and, ideally, replaced with a mini dental implant.

To reach the point where a root canal is necessary, the tooth’s inner parts must become exposed. This usually occurs due to a deep, untreated cavity, but dental trauma can also cause it. The pulp, which sits inside the tooth and contains various nerve endings, blood vessels, and connective tissue, is important to the development of your tooth while it grows, but a fully-formed tooth can survive without it. During root canal treatment, Dr. Cabrera removes the infected pulp.

Symptoms You Might Need a Root Canal

Not every infection requires a root canal, but it’s important to get the opinion of an experienced dentist like Dr. Cabrera. Contact Tampa Bay Mini Dental Implant Solutions if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Persistent tooth pain or aches
  • Lasting sensitivity to hot or cold sensations
  • Pimples or pus forming on the gums
  • Swollen gums or jaw
  • Deep decay or sudden discoloration of teeth or gums
  • A chipped, cracked, or loose tooth
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How Does a Root Canal Work?

Getting a root canal is far from the daunting experience rumors suggest. Local anesthesia ensures the procedure is no more uncomfortable than other restorative treatments, like fillings or crowns.

A root canal takes one or two appointments, depending on the level of infection and condition of your teeth. After administering anesthesia, we’ll place a small rubber dam around your tooth to keep it isolated and dry. Dr. Cabrera will create a small opening in the tooth to access and remove the pulp. Then, she’ll clean and fill the chamber and canals with a plasticky dental material known as gutta-percha. The tooth is then sealed with a filling, and often, a dental crown is added for protection and to restore full chewing function.

Recovery and Aftercare

After a root canal, expect a day or two of soreness, which can be alleviated with at-home remedies like ice packs and over-the-counter medication. Initially, we recommend that you consume softer foods and refrain from chewing on the treated side of your mouth. Continue your normal oral care routine, but be mindful of habits like nail biting, ice chewing, and teeth grinding that could compromise your recovery.

Short-Term Cost vs. Long-Term Risk

Every medical procedure comes with a cost, and you may be considering simply living with the discomfort of an infected tooth rather than seeking treatment. However, delaying treatment may require a more complex procedure like a dental extraction, which is typically more expensive than root canal therapy. Addressing the problem sooner rather than later is not only beneficial for your health but also more cost-effective in the long run.

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At Tampa Bay Mini Dental Implant Solutions, we don’t want financial stress to get in the way of your oral health. Our knowledgeable team has extensive experience working with insurance companies and will make sure you get the most from your coverage. We will also walk you through all the available payment options, ensuring you find a solution that fits your budget. If you need financing assistance, our multiple lending partners offer payment plans that will work with diverse budgets.

Discover Your Path to Relief: Book Your Appointment Today

Nobody wants to live with constant dental pain. Don’t allow outdated stereotypes about root canals to prevent you from seeking treatment. Dr. Cabrera, with her commitment to patient comfort and expert care, makes each treatment straightforward and stress-free.

Why wait any longer? Give us a call at Tampa Bay Mini Dental Implant Solutions and schedule a consultation today. There’s no time like the present to improve your oral health and live your life free from dental pain.

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