The Importance of Sleeping Well

In this video, experienced implant dentist Luz Cabrera, DMD, explains the different facets of our health that are affected by unsatisfactory sleep.

I want to emphasize the critical importance of sleep to my friends, patients, and everyone listening. Sleep comprises different stages, each essential for our bodies to function at their best.

In the first stage of sleep, known as light sleep, we begin to fall asleep, and our heart rate starts to slow down. In the second stage, our body temperature decreases. Following this, we enter delta sleep, the deepest and most restorative sleep phase. It is during this stage that our bodies undertake the crucial tasks of repairing bones and muscles, while our immune system is strengthened. Hormone production also occurs during delta sleep.

As the night progresses, we experience the stage of sleep where vivid dreams are most likely to occur, which plays a key role in restoring our brain function, typically happening closer to morning. However, if this process is interrupted, for example, by an obstruction in our airway causing snoring, it can prevent us from reaching these deeper, restorative sleep stages. You might wake up and move around in an attempt to breathe better. Such interruptions hinder your body’s ability to enter the deep sleep necessary for full restoration.

The consequences of these disruptions are significant. The body suffers from not reaching the deeper stages of sleep, leading to an increase in blood pressure due to insufficient oxygen levels and disrupted hormone production, including insulin. This disruption can contribute to conditions such as prediabetes or diabetes, especially in individuals with sleep apnea.

Understanding the importance of achieving deep sleep stages is crucial for preventing a range of health issues. Obstructive sleep apnea, or any form of sleep apnea, is a serious condition that requires immediate attention and treatment. As a dentist, I am equipped with the tools necessary to assist you. If you have questions or concerns or need treatment for a diagnosed condition, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to provide the assistance you need.

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Luz Elena Cabrera, DMD

Dr. Luz Elena Cabrera was born in Cali, Colombia. Her undergraduate and dental training was in the city of Caracas, at the Central University of Venezuela. In 1988 she emigrated to America and in 1997 she graduated from the University of Florida, Gainesville, FTD Program (Foreign Trained Dentist Program.) The Doctor is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Florida Association of America (FDA) and the Association of the District of West Coast (WCDA).

In 1997, she started her private practice in the city of Temple Terrace Florida, and is dedicated to General Dentistry, especially Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry. She has conducted many courses and seminars to keep abreast of all developments and advances in dentistry in recent years. Including courses such as, Diagnosis and Treatment (TMJ) problems of the masticatory system. Dr. Cabrera is a professional trained in the field of Cosmetology, Oral Implantology, Reconstructive and Comprehensive Rehabilitation.

She is committed to providing the best services to meet the different needs and expectations of their patients. She resides in Tampa since 1988 with her husband Fernando Cabrera and her three children; Fernando Jr., Viviana, and Sebastian, which offer their help as an employee in her dental office to better serve you.

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